Eureka Reaches The World, Dealing in Precious Minerals.

Eureka Minerals & Trading

Welcome to the Go-To Organisation where Integrity cannot be bought but earned, and the place where proven trust is the foundation of our work. Eureka models all our work at a pace which fully supports all international standards. With innovation, excellence, honesty and quality we have proven everyone within our chain of work – from the mines, to the local refineries, to our banking partners, insurance partners, investors-request, logistics and our clients.

Eureka Reaches The World, Dealing in Precious Minerals.

Responsible Sourcing

Eureka Minerals believes in the ethics and compliance for responsible sourcing and mining. We only trade in responsibly sourced precious minerals. We also advocate against all forms of trafficking and abuse. We operate mainly on recommendation in order to have the right supply chain and management from mining to minting, mining to the trade desks and mining to investor supplies. We are committed to ethical and environmental practices. Our culture is built on adherence to policies, procedures and undertaking relevant due diligence through the supply and management chain from the ground to retail options. All these efforts are geared towards a single goal: ensure that precious minerals come from legal and ethical sources, and that they have not been associated with illegal activities, crime, armed conflict or human rights abuse.

Global Experience

Eureka Minerals & Trading have a set of seasoned professionals and management with several combined years of experience in commodities, mining, trading precious minerals, banking and wealth management. We provide tailored solutions and bring innovation to the industry and our clients.

Logistics & Transport

Eureka Minerals operates with carefully selected reputable logistics organisations globally. Insurance plays a key part in all of our processes. Security teams where applicable are assigned on all projects, trades and supplies.

Trading Partners & Arrangements

Eureka supports organisations with diverse projects ranging from global refining, sales, exporting, minting and other services.
Eureka Minerals have partner offices in Ghana, UK, Dubai, UAE, Qatar & Asia.
Migom Trading, Temis Luxury, Loomis, Baird Mint, SAM, Fidelity Bank, Afrasia Bank, Zenit, LexisNexis.